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AAssetHZ is the first AltSheets Asset on Horizon. 5,000,000 AAssetHZ shares are issued, representing 5% of all future profits of AltSheets software (like AltFolio – the auto-updating altcoin portfolio solution; and assetparser.py – which compares all assets in many observables, and works on two platforms). Objectives of AAssetHZ are: To develop and improve software, to finance marketing to increase sales – and to reward investors by sharing 1% of all profits from the #AltSheets software sales per each 1,000,000 AAssetHZ; paid as regular dividends to AAssetHZ holders. Check asset ID and issuer ID (NHZ-XDWX-VLTM-FUFZ-CTT54) before trading, there may be copycat assets! Buyers please check your NHZ messages once per month for updates.