Horizon Platform The Horizon Story
The Horizon Story

Originally known as‘Next Horizon’ or ‘NHZ’, Horizon was the first first clone of NXT, a new generation digital currency platform which offers some major advantages over bitcoin technology.

Unlike most digital currencies where a few early adopters can effectively control the market, Horizon was created with a distribution system that is based on merit. This includes daily payments to people that help with node distribution and also substantially payments to those that help Horizon grow – whether that’s by helping our tech team or simply spreading the word.

This means that the distribution is fair, ongoing and beneficial.

Over months of hard work, ruthless competition, and challenges, Next Horizon (NHZ) was rebranded to Horizon (HZ), with new artwork, website, forums, logos, wallet, all reworked from the ground up as new talent joined that could make it stronger and better, with a professional level of quality and artwork. Many unique assets have also started up under Horizon using the decentralized asset exchange, and many more are on the way, which is totally unique for such a low marketcap platform.