Horizon Platform Development Roadmap

In no particular order, we would like to share with the community current projects in development for the Horizon platform and which projects are on the frontier. We hope that this glimpse into what our development teams are working on will encourage our community to continue their support for Horizon as we continue to develop the platform into a top tier client, offering the latest in block chain based technologies and services.

Updated Website And Forums

In our continued effort to consolidate our branding and image, we are always updating our website and forums in line with Horizon’s core beliefs and vision and we aim to constantly improve the experience of our users.

Status: Ongoing.
Loyalty Rewards

Community members are now rewarded with Horizon whenever they contribute in our forums.

Status: Completed.
Mac Wallet Release Plus Current Wallet UI / GUI Improvements

A full wallet for mac users will be made available shortly. We are also in the process of combing through the current version of the wallet and taking feedback from the community to continue to make improvements in the current wallet. The goal is to provide an easy to navigate and understand wallet both for desktop, and mobile.

Status: Near completion / Ongoing.

Horizon client .exe launchers for all operating systems: We strive to provide a platform and features where advanced technical skills and knowledge aren’t required to use them. Providing a one click solution for wallet instillation and running the client is the goal when providing this feature.

Status: Beta available, currently finalizing public release.
Release Next Client Updates

Continuing with keeping the client NRS updated, we will be making our next updates to V 1.3.4, followed by V 1.4.0. Keeping the Horizon client updated with the latest version of the NRS provided by NXT is a top priority, and we will make changes and improvements as we see fit moving forward to better handle Horizon’s other developments, partnerships, and projects.

Status: Ongoing.
Video And Written Tutorials

Ongoing education for users is a key point for Horizon. In a relatively new industry, it’s important that current users and new ones be informed and have resources to refer to on how specific features and technologies work. We can’t expect widespread adoption, without widespread education.

Status: Currently available, and being updated.
Mobile Wallets For Android / iOS

People are on the move, and Horizon intends to keep up. We are working to provide a user friendly mobile wallet that also lets users access all the features that are present on Horizon.

Status: In development
Updated Faucet

New users want to be able to test the client and features currently available on Horizon. By providing a means to give new users access to a small amount of the ‘HZ’ token, this will help with new user adoption and testing.

Status: Released

Similar to NXT’s MGW (Multi Gateway Exchange), we are currently finishing development on Horizon’s version. Initial support will be with BTC, BTS, and NXT. Everything will be handled VIA blockchains to further enhance the security of the deposits, as well as ease of use for the user. Click Here For More Info

Status: In development
Blocknet Integration And Assets

Development on Blocknet has been progressing steadily, and you can expect some news from the project very soon. Horizon will soon be integrated via the ‘Xbridge’ which will allow users to access other integrated networks features directly from the Horizon client. Blocknet will also provide Horizon access to integrated smart contracts and the upcoming decentralized exchange. More information will be made public once the beta is complete and released.

Status: In development
Automated Transactions

Development on ‘AT’ from the recent merger with the NFD development team has been progressing nicely for a couple months. They have a test net version of ‘AT’ that will be ported over to Horizon for users to test out before the main net release in the future. You can read about what ‘AT’ is and offers here: http://www.ciyam.org/at/at.html

Status: Testing / In development.
Smart Assets / Service Backed Assets

Currently under wraps, we wanted to reassure everyone that these ‘smart’ assets are very near to a public release. There has been a lot of secrecy around these projects because they are unlike anything that has been brought into crypto. The assets are meant to provide a means of utility and real world applicable uses that are relevant for everyone in their everyday life, all around the world. These assets will demonstrate the flexibility of block chain technology, as well as showing the world there are more uses for block chain than just digital currency transfer and storage. More information about releases are near…

Status: Final testing
Reputation And Trust System

Currently in development, but under wraps, we will provide a beta preview in the near future. The purpose of this system is to provide users a further level of trust and security when using the asset exchange and interacting with other users in the digital environment.

Status: In development