Horizon Platform Statement Of Intent
Statement Of Intent

The blockchain is one of the most revolutionary technologies since the introduction of the internet because of its potential applications across multiple pre-existing technologies and infrastructure networks. For example: Electronic voting has been used since the 1960’s, when the system of punch cards was introduced. Since then, the technology has evolved, and in the most recent elections, computers and software have been used to count votes.

Throughout the turbulent history of electronic and digital voting, there have been cries of corruption, and rigging. Enter blockchain technology – A public ledger that can’t be bribed, paid off or persuaded by any party. Trusting in a protocol based on mathematical formulas takes the human emotion out of the process, and therefor removes any bias. Blockchain technology brings accountability and order to any system that runs off of it. This is just one example of its potential application, but blockchain technology has the ability to affect everything and everyone.

Horizon’s development team understands this value. When building a platform, you must consider what your target audience is going to be in six months, not in six hours or a couple days after launch. You need to develop around a long term goal, and capturing the market of the future is our goal. With this in mind, we are pleased to announce our official branding with this value at its heart. “Horizon: Professional blockchain asset-exchange services’. Our goal is to provide real-world businesses and industries, small and big, a platform in which they can utilize blockchain technology based services. The entire markets for crypto-currency and people currently taking advantage of the technologies are very small; much like the early days of the internet. Horizon’s focus is being the first place that businesses who are interested in blockchain based services will look to.

Our development team not only has the technical experience and know how to build a platform & services that can cater to this emerging market, but we also have access to the private networks of people and connections in other real-world businesses and industries to make Horizon the first destination they will look at for implementation of blockchain based services and for their own companies and pre-existing services.