Horizon Platform The Horizon Foundation

The Horizon Foundation was established in 2015, to ensure that Horizon remained funded, and to act as a platform for both the core development team, and community members to guide the project into the future.

The foundation operates with complete transparency, requiring that all transactions be approved by the foundation members, to ensure that funds are been spent in the best interest of the community and project.

The members of the foundation are charged with acting both as a think tank, but also been active in assisting new users with technical support, as well as promoting the creation and consultation on future assets. The foundation has been funded with 50 million HZ to help pay for further development, marketing, and support for new, legitimate assets that add further value to the Horizon platform.

There is no sole leader for the foundation, but instead, all decisions are made through voting, which is available in the latest client release for Horizon. This ensures that a high level of trust, respect, and transparency act as the core values and methods for operation. Any and all news, and updates will be made available on the horizonplatform.io webpage, but you can actively get involved with the foundation VIA the Horizon Slack channel: https://slack.horizonplatform.io/

To sign up, you only need register your e-mail address, and click the confirmation link in your inbox!