Horizon Platform Horizon News Joining Forces To Benefit Developing Nations
Horizon Joins Forces With Bitnation and Blocknet To Benefit Developing Nations

After surveying many blockchain-based protocols, Bitnation has teamed up with Horizon and the Blocknet, to provide groundbreaking and accesible blockchain technology in developing nations.

Billions of people across the world are unable to prove their identity, get married, legally own their own house, incorporate a company or get security or economic protection. Bitnation, in conjunction with Horizon and Blocknet will be providing the world’s first blockchain-based governance service which is designed to eliminate problems like this.

Already boasting a worldwide network of passionate activists, many of whom are starting their own Bitnation projects, Bitnation is shortly releasing PANGEA, the Bitnation platform which acts as a bridge between blockchains and the real world.

Nick Cote, the Business Manager of Horizon, said: “The entire Horizon and Bitnation teams share the same vision about the future of decentralized blockchain technologies and we aim to develop technologies that allow people to break away from conventional services, and eliminate the costs of unnecessary middleman.

Arlyn Culwick, on the core team of the Blocknet, expressed his excitement about the partnership: “Bitnation is a groundbreaking concept, and we’re very excited to provide a platform for it to be developed upon. Horizon too is a powerful Blocknet-enabled project with the highest node count of all cryptocurrencies, except Bitcoin. We believe that the Blocknet unlocks the full potential of blockchain-based technology. With Bitnation, Horizon, and the Blocknet working together, the potential is truly vast. The sky’s the limit.”

Bitnation CEO, Tarkowski Tempelhof, said: “Bitnation is a revolutionary idea that we hope will radically change the world for the better. It’s a broad and bold vision and that’s why partnering with Horizon and the Blocknet provides a very solid foundation. They give us amazing technology and a group of wonderful individuals to work with.”

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