Reply To: Is this sufficient to quickly update Node


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1st May 2015 at 8:58 pm

Useful advice, thanks.
I don’t know about these default conf files, those weren’t in anything i downloaded.

Replacing all files with new files could over-write conf files couldn’t it? So, that sounds smart but also dumb. One has to backup their conf files and either go through it and update all the appropriate settings manually, or as i did just copy the conf file over the top of the new installation. After all that is why you make the obvious conf directory.

Anyway, i hoped someone might say either
a) There are no new changes that matter to what is in the conf file – so yes you can
b) There are some changes so you’ll need to manually update it. (perhaps you should do the whole process again – but i like precise advice)

I don’t use git-hub and it might be trivial for experienced users but i haven’t bothered to set up any sync with git-hub. My node runs on my windows computer.