Reply To: HZxchange


Horizon: 231.00 HZ
16th May 2015 at 8:23 am

Let me try to make you understand of HZXchange asset in a quick way.

Just imagin HZXchange as a company do currency trading business and unlike other company for issueing ‘share/stock’ on traditional stock exchange the issued their company share with form of HZXchange asset. Buying this asset mean you invested on this exchange and as a proof of your investment they handed you some ‘Share’ called HZXchange Asset.

Now same like other stock in market you can sell them to return back your investment or you can keep them for future profit as ‘devedent’ which was said to ‘Paid weekly’

As this exchange is very new and not having tht much trading for generating decent amount of ‘fees’ aka ‘profit’ to paid at this moment. As soon this exchange generate money we can hope to get ‘weekly payment’.

So now you can take dicission of your action either you hold them to get profit in future or sell them in market to get back your investment aka ‘current value in HZ’.
Hope it will niw clear of how assets works basically. Don’t hasitate to ask if you wants more details.