Reply To: Running Horizon Hallmark Node


Horizon: 410.50 HZ
17th May 2015 at 5:25 pm

Being new to HZ and any sort of crypto-node operation I totally concur with the need for a Q&A on operating a hallmark node. While the “how-to setup..” tutorial on this site is straight-forward

.. additional insight on the nuances of confirming node operation would be really helpful. In my case I’ve successfully configured a hallmark node on a Window 7 Pro workstation with a Symantec Endpoint firewall with the standard “Allow Applications” rule (permitting stateful application traffic) and thinkingI needed to permit Port 7774-TCP Inbound I added a rule for that and have been waiting just under 3 hrs now for my node to be confirmed on the node-checker page

Monitoring the firewall log I haven’t seen anything blocked on Port 7774 and am wondering what indication besides the node-checker page there would be that my hallmark node has interacted with the horizon network.