Reply To: Trying to lease my account


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18th May 2015 at 11:29 pm

First of all verify your leased on wallet right upper corners ‘settings’ then ‘ account details’ then ‘balance leasing’. If you believe leased done successfully there is nothing you need to do now. No need to keep your wallet 24/7 open or any other extra from your part.

Regarding balance change, you mean getting paid is dependent on pool where you leased your balances. Pool should have some kind of website displaying pool status. And every pool has their own lemet for pay you back. As soon your earnings reached that amount pool will send you payment automatically. At pools status page you can check your earnings time to time. I am giving my pool website here for example :
From here you can familiar with what it might looks like.

I welcome you po lease your balance to my pool but you have to wait your current leased time to finished. By the way, every pool will show status only for the lessee of their own. There is no way to show others on same pool …
Hope you will now clear about what’s all about leasing..