Reply To: – log in with your private KEY – are you serious


Horizon: 231.00 HZ
24th May 2015 at 2:38 am

Don’t get me wrong and also IF am not related with HZ officials in any way.

HZ team should ‘encourage’ people to use their own wallet node running on own safe host to trade on HZXchange.

Using ‘private key’ on public Internet aka website should treat as ‘Secoundary’ option and same like web wallet provided by HZ Officials.

Answer for UI is simple, if you really serious about security and privacy, you must run your own node before even creating any account. In other way, If you never bother to ask using web wallet before, you “Shouldn’t” ask for HZXchange.

For me, I use ‘diffrent & secondary account’ only created for trade with low amount of balance. But HZ Team should clearly post any kind of warning in front of user eye sight describing the risk of entering “private key” in any Internet site. Come on HZ team, don’t think like programmer or developer, think like a noob user when you are dealing with money and security and so on……