Reply To: faucet broken?


Horizon: 231.00 HZ
30th May 2015 at 9:35 am

At this moment faucet is working well for me but last night about 11 hours ago it was having some problem.

I proposed on BCT forum to increase giveaway balance or decrease time limit from 48 hours. Devs informed that amount will not increase, but they have plan to decrease the time limit from 48 hour to 12 hour. They might working on that issue which caused the problem.

At this moment it’s working but with same 48 hour @ 2HZ. If you found error mean either your IP address used faucet earlier and now you have to wait 48 hour or try using different account for receiving payment.

If you start using HZ wallet and need some amount to ‘Activate’ your brand new wallet, post your HZ address with public key, we may sent some HZ to you to start with.

By the way, Welcome to Horizon Crypto Currency Platform, Wishing you success on your new journey…