Reply To: What's up with hallmark node payouts?


Horizon: 231.00 HZ
3rd June 2015 at 6:59 pm

Hmm…This is real strange!

Did you change anything in last few days?

What I can see from my end about your node is:

IP Address:
shareAddress: true
platform: PC
application: NRS
weight: 20686
state: 1
lastUpdated: 37824267
downloadedVolume: 34380515
blacklisted: false
version: NHZ V3.9.1
uploadedVolume: 1864673

hallmark: cb42fbadaa2c73fc36e556b64bf295e249d03b007f64a0da39e88d762d17452f0d0039352e3231352e34372e31323164000000b9773301c7a0b556c4fd3653e80972de72ba89b2bd7bef815b1cf7143d628b3e7973af200cac151c81593cfbb5f920ba85a572307c3b86dc8bd8910c7dfd53f755747c9009;

Which carry value of:

weight: 100
account: 2080113659994517391
date: 2015-02-01
valid: true

And above HZ address have public key “cb42fbadaa2c73fc36e556b64bf295e249d03b007f64a0da39e88d762d17452f”

Dose above information is correct and nothing was changed since Last Payout date: 2015-04-24 04:06:28

Please let us know. It will be interesting for me to know what caused this node ignored!

One possible reason may be this node was ‘offline’ and come online few hour earlier.

Let’s wait for HZ Official response.


Edit: You seems got total 88 node bounty payment on this address till now…

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