Reply To: B.E.E.f.A – block Explorer Extension for Assets – page in B.E. – one per Asset!


Horizon: 456.00 HZ
30th June 2015 at 2:22 pm

> Nice work AltsheetsDev on the HZ Asset detail page
Thanks a lot mavigro.

It really really helps to read such sentences!

> a really needed feature in the Horizon Explorer
It was exciting to build, PHP is new to me. And then quite a challenge, to find through other people’s sourcecode. Myself I always wanted to link from my asset homepage to a block explorer page about my asset. Now it exists. Done! :-)

> to incorporate trades and eventually the order book
You can actually already study them – inside the wallet.
But I see your point, there is space for plenty of useful sites and functions in and around the HZ ecosystem.

> incorporating centrally maintained ratings could get tricky
For sure. Especially in “gray” cases where it is not 100% clear.

Perhaps only the “revoked” signal should survive? Because if the asset issuer himself is of that opinion, there might be little doubts left? But all that is “politics” – I just provided code that allows for such warnings now.

And anyways, my whole “warnings” function can also be ignored completely, by using this “empty” assetwarnings.xml file: instead.
Then no warnings will be shown. But if at a later moment in time, the situation gets evaluated differently, switching it on is no problem, too.

When I coded the new asset.phtml page, I remembered that discussion with Cyrano that he wanted his asset blacklisted (see my “revoke” example), and came up with this solution. And in the hours before, I had learnt how to use XML in PHP – so it was a good opportunity to try it out immediately.

Let’s see what the “real” coders say about my newbie code.

Thanks again! Sunny greetings – enjoy your day!