Reply To: Hows it going with your Node


Horizon: 410.50 HZ
17th July 2015 at 2:13 pm

I’d been thinking about my comment on BCT about payments to my lone node on Win7, activated on 5/29, being like “clockwork” and so your post prompted me to check it out in spreadsheet form and sure enough:
a) over two months with a few exceptions my payments have occurred daily
b) missed payments have promptly been included in a doubled-up payment

Only hiccups were:
i) on inception, my node took a couple of days to be recognized
ii) j since shutting down mid-day on 7/15 until upgrading to ver 3.9.2 the evening of 7/16 naturally I missed 7/15 & 7/16 but hopefully will see 7/17.

Btw – on a related note, with random disconnects behind my hw firewall I was was wondering if all the busy 7774 activity to my node in-front of the hw firewall (where my node has a symantec sw firewall) could be disrupting internet connectivity to my inside network. I’m therefore wondering:
a) how much network utilization does a single hallmarked node incur?
b) in layman’s terms, what does a hallmarked node do?

Any insight on node utilization / functionality would be greatly appreciated as I want to ensure the hallmarked node is mostly a benign worker. Thx.