Reply To: Current World Cup Betting Pool Odds

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24th June 2014 at 2:14 pm

Per pharesim’s request, I’m including the stakeholder bounty accrued by the escrow account in the winnings pool. As an act of goodwill (or lazy accounting; they conveniently coincide here), I’m also including the stakeholder bounty accrued by my original escrow deposit of 150’000.

The past couple days have been quieter on the betting front; we have a couple new teams on the list, but the biggest change is that the first tier of Holland’s shares are now sold out.

I’m attaching the current odds table. Just for reference, here are William Hill’s World Cup odds (sorry, they do British odds on this site):—Tournament-Winner.html?I.Have.Read.And.Accepted.The.Site.Warning=true

For those who don’t want to try to figure out British-style odds, their ranking is Brazil, Argentina, Germany, France, Holland, and Belgium in the first 6 spots on the table.