Reply To: Current World Cup Betting Pool Odds

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9th July 2014 at 11:34 pm

And we’re down to two!

Current Pool size: 601’730

Got some massive bets on Germany right after today’s game; so far, no correspondingly-large bets on Argentina. That means if Argentina wins, some people are going to do very well! As always, you can check the pool size according to the formula I posted above.

Note that I won’t cancel my sell orders until a day or so after the final match – but since the orders are ascending in price, this doesn’t make things unfair. You can still get Argentina for 60 NHZ; at the current pool size, the buyback price at the end could rise to over 200 NHZ per share.

Here are the asset ID’s, for reference:
Germany: 8488430070882212021
Argentina: 3947582568091848112

That’s all for now, folks!