Reply To: Nodes / Bounty Script Update thread


Horizon: 33.00 HZ
1st November 2014 at 3:45 pm

I am going to shut down my node – it is worthless when you only have a few hundred thousand NHZ. There is no chance of covering the cost of running 24/7.
Matter of fact it is only those who own millions of NHZ and even to those it might not be covering their expenses.
As long as it is only those top-rankings down to maybe no 10-20 out of 2,400 (that’s estimates) who are sure to get a reasonable income, it is not worth it.
The system need to be much more appetizing for small-timers to participate.

I might be informing myself the wrong places, I have this forum running almost 24/7 and I see almost no activity or info about what is going on. Are there other places with more information? I would assume this official NHZ forum would be the place.
I have a feeling that it (both the NHZ and the forum) was started with a lot of enthusiasm and noise and since then it quickly slowed down. Now I sit back with a feeling that it is only the NHZ millionaires who are keeping it going as long as there are a bit to earn?