Reply To: dividends / list of all owners of asset at timestamp / porting?


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13th September 2014 at 12:07 pm

‘scarecrow link’ wrote:
i had started to try port NXT services dividends+ but haven’t had time to finish, so far only have interface in nhz.

Goood. Perhaps a concrete bounty offer would help you to finish it?? Or someone else could take it from where you started, and you share the bounty with him/her/them ?

‘pharesim link’ wrote:
All undistributed funds can be used for bounties – everything which is useful in any way is welcome and can be rewarded!

Cool. Sounds good.

I suggest you name a bounty number,
and put the idea “who ports multigateway to NHZ gets _______ NHZ” into your list of bounties.

Where is that list, anyway?