Reply To: [NHZ-SPHERE ASSET] A new Asset on the Horizon [HZ] Asset Exchange


Horizon: 188.50 HZ
21st February 2015 at 1:16 am

Here are more Accounts connected to the one that Hacked the Sphere Account.
Looks like that it was a well planned attack from the NODE and Faucet raping Asian based Scumbags.

I never chatted with them or downloaded anything from these guys.
I suggest that everyone seperate his Mainaccount from his Nodepayments and uses this Script for max Security.

Sphere asset got hit pretty well but is far from beeing destroyed.
Close to 9 Million HZ got stolen but we are just aprox 2 mill short atm.
Excluding all the other Altcoin Stuff.

Just SMH at all this real bad Guys out there.

If you still hold NHZSPHERE PM me.
I will give out a replacement after i checked and traced the date and ammount to avoid that no one is sending me stolen coins.