Reply To: [NHZ-SPHERE ASSET] A new Asset on the Horizon [HZ] Asset Exchange


Horizon: 188.50 HZ
25th January 2015 at 12:02 am


Less holders = Simply means more Value per Share.

I always planned to do a 2nd Sale for BTC anyway.
So i am cool with this.
We have gained almost a million HZ Coins now and all the other Stuff.
That will remain no matter what.

This simply looks like more and more guys loosing faith in HZ and its really not my fault.
Sad Thing is that i can relate to that, the Sphere Marketcap went from close to 10k to 1800$ lately just because of HZ/BTC tanking all the Time.

Sphere added a lot of Stuff already.
Like i said: Less Holders = more value per Share in the End.
Its a free Market so i am okay with it. Dump and regret pls.

I wont shut it down completly anyway.

If HZ really fails, ill do a swap to another Asset Exchange and restart the Asset over there. (Worst Case. Fingers crossed)
Remaining Holders would get a fair swapped Percentage equal for their HZ Spheres if this goes horribly wrong.

Just hope for the best but get prepared for the worst…
Sad anyway.
I am just responsible for the Asset. The Rest is not in my Hands.