Reply To: [HZ Mint] – New Asset on Horizon Asset Exchange (ROI in ~20 weeks)


Horizon: 0.00 HZ
10th January 2015 at 2:38 pm

I still have enough funding for one (or maybe two) more week of payouts. The original plan I was going with, was to disable payouts and put up a HZ buyback wall in place until LTCG begins paying out again, so that any shareholders wishing to exit would be able to at the entry price, and those wishing to hold can also.

Unfortunately, as several holders know from my discussion/posts in trading group(s), my apartment building was just ransacked a week ago and my/roommates’ rooms were one of the ones broken into (simply due to proximity from the main entrance). Long story short, my two roommates lost a few things like TV’s, gaming consoles, and small amounts of cash in drawers. Since I was home for the holidays, I didn’t have much left in my room, except for my old laptop holding my hot wallet (due to insecurity with my “work” laptop) and my backup harddrive (holding the backup keys to my wallet). In total, my losses were just shy of 18 BTC, not including the cash value of the laptop and harddrive. A part of the funds for the week or two of payouts are what’s left after selling off my random altcoin bags that I’ve been bagholding.

If necessary, I could also attempt to sell off my current LTCG account, which is what many people are doing now according to forum postings. I’ll take a few days to figure out a suitable solution, as there’s more factors I need to take into account now including personal interest. As far as this week’s payouts are concerned, they’ll go out as normal.