Reply To: NHZDoge – New Asset on Exchange


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27th December 2014 at 1:44 am

“Tafen, post: 3783, member: 835” wrote: Sorry guys, but I do not like facebook. But if you want, I can register an account there.

Today I seem receive the first payment in doge. Thats means everything is OK. I’m happy.
NHZDoge is a very good investment! Big thanks to the guys who created them!

All the same, of course, I would like to receive dogeblack and dogedakr bonuses. If they remained of course. If so, there is enough to get it if I send dogedark and dogeblack waletts the same address nhz?

Great day! How many of the 50,000 DOGEB the you think you are rewarded? Please message me from inside the wallet! Currently im looking for all those who received the DOGEB bonus, but transaction are not available any more. Too many!!