Reply To: NHZDoge – New Asset on Exchange


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23rd December 2014 at 10:02 pm

“Dr.Beer, post: 4054, member: 299” wrote:

Please Send your DOGE Address to the NHZDoge address at NHZ-Q88F-W3KT-7LEY-E66V4 using the NHZ Wallet.

I buy NHZDoge and sent my Doge address in NHZ the message on your account. How to be convinced that you received it and considered? :) (the message from NHZ-GSV7-ETA6-NDXS-C9GEY)

It’s strange that they don’t seem to respond to messages (I never got a single response), but I am receiving DOGE regularly at the address I gave them, so they do seem to be listening.