Reply To: [HZ Mint] – New Asset on Horizon Asset Exchange (ROI in ~20 weeks)


Horizon: 0.00 HZ
17th December 2014 at 3:59 am

So for example, this week we have 132k HZ raised from newly sold shares. Variable with the progress by Sunday payouts, I will likely use that 132k as part of the Sunday payout, and buy more HZ to raise the payout to around 3 HZ per share. As of current, ~67,000 shares, so ~200k HZ for payout, meaning I will purchase 68K+ HZ to add to the payout pool. The remainder of the mining profits will go into reinvestment of more hashpower, as well as a portion set aside for the previously mentioned side fund for HZ and HZmint development uses.

To be fully transparent, I’ve received quite a number of private investors with no interest in HZ, but who still like the ROI packages, and to be quite frank, I’ve been offered quite a sum of money for investment, which will thus also require much more attention paid to. Thus I am currently contemplating how to best divide up my time, as I am a full-time student as well and as such, do not have much “free time” for managing multiple projects. However, in the case that HZmint should fail or otherwise become unmanageable due to personal reasons, I will personally promise that HZmint shareholders will be taken care of, meaning that I will provide some sort of adequate buyback wall to accommodate accordingly when/if such a time comes.