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12th January 2015 at 9:40 pm

I’ve got some questions from forgers so I’m try to explain how it works. Probably it’s already written on this forum, but I’ll do my best to answer it.
Operation “leasing money” especially to forging pool do not send money to that account. It just sending “money power”. This “money power” is added to whole pool “forging power”. Every forger ” gives only power. During leasing period it is possible to use this account as usual. Sending money, buying assets, sending messages, all of it is possible. It is your money and it will be your money. leasing period means how long you decide to participate in forging and fees. After sending lease “command” there is a 1440 block length period to “mature”. It is possible to set another command to other account, but counter sets back to 1440. It is possible to set next period of leasing, after actual one. I don’t know how exactly it is counter, but if is reccomended to have a continuus period od leasing, is good to be aware of this 1440 period. Next period should be set at least 1440 blocks before actual ends.
I think it is good to assume every block is generated every minute, so 1440 block is 24hours.

If somebody see some mistakes/flaws in my concept of leasing please explain it to me, maybe it helps to someone else. Sorry for my grammar 😉