Reply To: [NHZ-SPHERE ASSET] A new Asset on the Horizon [HZ] Asset Exchange


Horizon: 188.50 HZ
3rd December 2014 at 3:02 pm

Little Update:

Asset ID#: 16661902544444460183

We started with:
Coins after the Presale: 20’250’000 HZ

Currently we are running:

184GH BTC SHA256 Mining Power
2 Hallmarknodes
Horizon: 20,281,686 [HZ]
Mintcoin: 1545282 [MINT]
Diamond: 700 [DMD]
Bottlecaps: 500 [Cap]
Bitbay: 29999.80
BitSwift: 1000.60126363 [Swift]
Blocknet: 310.54784754

Dogecoins: 1600 [DOGE]
HZ Assets:
NHZDoge: 10’000 (Asset ID: 17671628090540858719)
HZmint: 2’713 (Asset ID: 3824289991269369814)

We are waiting for another 25k HZ from Interest.
So you can add that on top.

Everything is fully transparent, so you can track every single Position.

Pretty solid so far for beeing backed up by real Value imo.
Simply the Real Deal over here.
Work in Progress instead Hype over Nothing.
Should get you excited, we are aiming for the Top.