Reply To: [HZ Mint] – New Asset on Horizon Asset Exchange (ROI in ~20 weeks)


Horizon: 0.00 HZ
1st December 2014 at 6:13 am

For the public’s transparency, our first BTC investor has invested 0.5 BTC into HZmint for shares.

For being our first BTC investor, as well as donating funds equal to 40% of raised funds thus far, as well as allowing us to get a better hashpower cost for a larger bulk buy, as well as saving me exchange fees, I’ve priced him at 60 HZ per share (same as current share offering on HZ AE), but I’ve priced his HZ/BTC conversion price at 60 satoshi rather than current market price of 64 satoshi. I feel this 6.7% discount is reasonable and well deserved. NOTE: It was stated in OP that slight discounts will be given to BTC investors, especially when the amount is such a high single investment.

(0.5 BTC = 833,333 HZ @ 60 sat per HZ, = ~13,900 HZmint shares)

Public shareholder list updated to distinguish BTC investors from HZ investors. Highlighted shareholder accounts are BTC investors, and price/share conversion details will be recorded as well for public’s information.