Reply To: How does Asset Exchange work


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5th September 2014 at 10:32 am

Contacts is something similar to Contacts on your Email. It just store info about someone so you don’t have to enter it when you want to send them a message, or coins, or assets etc. It is pretty simple you pretty much just open the menu, click on ” add contacts” In the upper right corner, and enter the info for the contact and save.

The Asset Exchange is A little more complex. it allows users to issue and trade digital assets (which can be representative of about anything: stock shares, loan markers, etc). You can find the listing of assets on the block explorer To add an asset to your wallets index, open the Asset Exchange, click on the “add asset” in the upper right hand corner, and insert the asset id from the block explorer. I am not sure exactly of the process of issuing an asset, as I have never carried the process all the way through, but from what I did play with it is pretty self explanatory.

We are trying to get Tutorials for both of these things.