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Horizon: 123.50 HZ
24th September 2014 at 7:58 am

‘sky link’ wrote:
Yes the account in my profile is the correct one.

I just mean that my account is so new that it still has a balance of 0 because it has not yet passed the first 1440 blocks in order to receive the first 666 NHZ. (it’s hallmarked)
So the account has not had any outgoing transactions yet (no public key yet), therefore I’m wondering if it is possible to send transfers inbound to the account?

As soon as I have funds on the account I’m going to give it a name and thereby pay a fee (outgoing transfer), then I guess that should be enough to get a public key?

Sry if this sound complicated, but it’s still all new to me how the NHZ (and NXT) wallet works.


Ah, ok, now I understand :) Node bounty takes 1440 minutes to pay out, not blocks. It was planned that a block takes ~1 minute, but in reality it’s more like 800/day, so I got confused.

NXT requires you to announce your public key to receive your first transaction, we don’t. Coins sent!

‘losari link’ wrote:

Thanks, sent. Please make an outgoing transaction to secure your account.