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21st November 2014 at 6:27 pm

“Tafen, post: 3755, member: 835” wrote:

For every 100 NHZDoge (asset id: 17671628090540858719) purchased from NHZDoge(NHZ-Q88F-W3KT-7LEY-E66V4)
only , you get 1Dogeblack coin

A week ago I purchased a 100,000 NHZDoge. I sent a message to the NHZ-Q88F-W3KT-7LEY-E66V4 with my DOGE Wallet
Nor any dividends on my DOGE wallet… :( And how do I get the promised Dogeblack coin?

We are looking into it and will resolve issue ASAP. You can also find us at for faster communication.