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17th October 2014 at 10:46 pm

As ‪#‎NHZ‬ continues to rise and fall, rise and fall from pumpers and dumpers, ‪#‎NHZDoge‬ will always be a great asset to invest your NHZ in. Not only do you get a great asset with real value, weekly dividends, and bonuses, you get a great investment that you can always earn more NHZ from in the future. We are giving away 5,000,000 NHZDoge total, via and btc/xcp to place your first trade. Also here on NHZ Asset Exchange, we are giving away ‪#‎Dogeblackcoin‬! For every 100 NHZDoge (asset id: 17671628090540858719) purchased from NHZDoge(NHZ-Q88F-W3KT-7LEY-E66V4)
only , you get 1Dogeblack coin.We have 50,000 dogeblackcoin to give away! After all these promo shares are sold, 1 shareholder will get 1LTC. WOW MUCH profit and SUCH profit sharing! “We are easily imitated, and hardly duplicated! “To infinity and beyond! While shooting for the moon, we are reaching for the stars”!