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20th October 2014 at 5:28 pm

WEEK 5 dividends are paid! We ended the week with 220,610 doge profits and accumulated NHZ profit sharing is at 56,153. Profit sharing will be paid out when it reaches 100k NHZ. Doge bonus for the week was 1200.

In order to stay ahead and keep up with changes and maybe future regulations, NHZDoge will NO LONGER PAY DIVIDENDS!! So that we are not considered a hedge fund or something similar. We offer incentives, bonuses, and profit sharing. What does this mean for asset holders? Nothing much! Your asset % gets you an incentive, profit sharing, and doge bonuses as always. WOW, MUCH, MORE PROFITS soon to come. WEEK 5 is history, tomorrow is a mystery, as for today; WEEK 6 has just begun.