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7th July 2014 at 2:33 am

Great Job.

‘coinr88’ wrote:
Hello Community,

I’ve done the translatable GUI and let me tell you, it was an awfully lot of work. Of course it needs some testing, cause I might have messed up something. It works fine for me in Chrome on Windows 8. I didn’t do the chineese translation, cause it would have been a lot more work for me.

I added support for multiple languages. Included are English, German, Chineese and Spanish, but every other language can be added, too.

I added a German translation but maybe someone should look at it cause some phrases might sound strange? as I’m no proffesional translator 😀

The language files are located in? html/ui/locales/[language]/translation.json. Feel free to translate in any language!

The system should detect your language automaticaly, but it can also be set in the settings.

Please test in different browsers, operating systems and report any bugs.!xosXDYRb!Fsd4gfwEIDlZHUid6vSJDF6uzsAoqJniKeZ_r_XBt8k

If anyone wants to donate something? 😉 : NHZ-DC3B-8BTN-CVPJ-8GHQE