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14th May 2014 at 7:48 am

Re: [Discussion] Exchange bounty

‘pharesim link’ wrote:
Should we offer a bounty for exchanges to list us and community members who help with this in some way?
If yes, which conditions? Minimal exchange volume, height of bounties and commissions?

I’d propose a total of 10M distributed to max 5 exchanges as a discussion opener

Have the exchanges requested a bounty in order to list NHZ?!?? ? :-\

The exchanges which have implemented Nxt and/or any of its clones should be able to list NHZ fairly quick…? the whole point is for them to make profits from trading fees NOT bounties…? but what do I know…? IF it is normal practice go ahead.

I say do max 3 exchanges and rank them SOLELY based on Volume…? I trust you in regard to the height of bounties.