Reply To: Bounty system suspended


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1st October 2014 at 7:02 pm

‘AndreasKae link’ wrote:

The API (node check) will remain down for now – you guys need to stop DOSing our server with API requests. 😉

By now, with the increased interest and traffic …
perhaps a 2nd block explorer server makes sense?

the block explorer doesn’t really have to do with this, it just queries the bounty system for some node info (obviously).
people need to stop checking the same ip ranges over and over again every few seconds though. we’re thinking about solutions to this problem.

‘zxxhope link’ wrote:
is there any problem with new nodes? would they recieve payouts?

no problem with new nodes, don’t worry

‘jadefalke link’ wrote:
any ETA for Recover?

we’re testing a fix as we speak. it looks pretty promising thus far. :)
it will still take a few hours to process the huge backlog on transactions, so please, have some patience