Reply To: College Giveaway!


Horizon: 0.00 HZ
14th September 2014 at 3:18 pm

Great idea, thanks for starting this movement. Could attract a huge market and go viral…much lesser valued initiatives go viral everyday 😛 Why not something of value?

I suspect NHZ now has the best resources to do this type of promo and the experiences with giveaways. I suggest we promote the AE as well as this tool is where ideas and initiatives (and scams if not careful) can come alive.

@pharasim: remember the easter egg giveaway? It was a really great way to familiarize with the NHZ blockchain and resources. It “stuck”. Could we match the university giveaway with something similar? Brainstorm idea: It’s now football season at US universities (american football) and maybe this giveaway with a football popping up on the block explorer? This would help new adopters familiarize with the blockchain in an interactive and fun giveaway.

Edit: American football may be too america-centric on second thought but possibly something more global and college related – a beer bottle or a text book or diploma…something positive I suspect.

Let’s keep the momentum!