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25th April 2014 at 5:37 pm

Re: My submissions

‘cbkr link’ wrote:

it can be better but it wont be successful, things are moving very slow. i am just getting the feeling its not going well, no activity on BTT and other clones are moving fast.

I have the feeling that everything is working *too* well. We have a stable system with no bugs or faults, that’s why it’s silent. There just isn’t much to report. This is why scamcoins and bad distribution systems always get more attention.

so actually you are saying scamcoins and the coins with faults only get more attention? No i wont agree with you, check NEM thread and you will see the interest, its because they finish distribution in less than 3 months. 3 years for distribution is too much of a time and in these 3 years you hold more than 80% of total coins and can dump or manipulate the price.