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26th April 2014 at 5:08 am

Re: My submissions

‘cbkr link’ wrote:

and in these 3 years you hold more than 80% of total coins and can dump or manipulate the price.

Yes probably. But it will get less and less. And for those people who try and trust us and stay with us for the whole time this coin will have a great value because of the slow and widespread distribution. We’re not forcing anyone to participate or believe in this strategy. But those who do won’t regret it. :)

I agree with this…we are dealing with an innovative approach to coin distribution. Yes, the coins are in ‘centralized’ storage which can be risky, but the accounts are transparent and visible to all.

Of course, NHZ is still an experiment and its future direction has not been clearly defined or made know to the public. But to me, $5 and a few hours of maintenance time per month is worth the risk for a potential payoff. As with any coin and forum, there is no required participation from anyone.