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14th May 2014 at 12:55 am

Re: My submissions

‘pharesim link’ wrote:

it wont decrease the value of coin, this way distribution will be fast. i know you would rather like to sell than giving more to nodes.

For the short term, the value will of course be decreased when more coins are given out for the same amount of work.

And the second part of your post is such a huge pile of bullshit that I even had to give you a negative Karma for it. If someone on our team is against selling more, it’s cbkr. We announced to sell 2% right away, and said we won’t sell more at the same time. No need for accusations.

What we really want and need is people doing some work for the coin. There are open bounties for marketing for example which no one even reacted to. Setting up a few nodes and lean back doesn’t help NHZ to grow bigger…

Sales 2% did not significantly increase holders of NHZ.
If the distribution does not change, only a few hundred people share all the NHZ,in 3 years.