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25th April 2014 at 3:20 am

Re: My submissions

‘pharesim link’ wrote:

I think the reward is too low causes attraction low is one of the reasons.

This would mean the estimated value of 5$/20k would be too high. If that’s the case we need to work on raising the perceived value, not lowering the estimation.

‘cbkr link’ wrote:
I have to agree with smaragda.

Additional bonuses like this are pretty useless, they just decrease the coin value.
If you want to have a bonus for running a node long enough, well.. just run it. The mere fact that it’s running longer than other nodes gives you a bonus. :p
I don’t see the point _at_all_.

I think the dev team should not be to control the currency value, this is the market behavior.
No one knows how much value is NHZ, no one knows how much value BTC tomorrow.
If you want? NHZ rise, why don’t you sends each node 6 NHZ per day?