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25th June 2014 at 8:41 pm

‘pharesim link’ wrote:
Hello Pentamon,

this may become an interesting project for you and your kids.

There are no special rules for issuing assets, everyone is free to use all possibilities the asset exchange offers.
You should of course have a good description and a website where you explain how it works, but that’s in your own interest.

The big plus for doing it on NHZ is that it’s a lot cheaper regarding the fees to issue the asset and for trading.
A con would be that NHZ is only traded at poloniex at the moment. But while NXT is on more exchanges, that probably doesn’t make a difference for the average non-crypto person. I don’t know how much you want your asset to be traded by outside users, so no idea how that plays into your plans.

I can’t give proper advise about the legal situation in canada (and probably nobody else here) – if you plan this to get bigger, please consult a lawyer.

Assets can’t be erased, they reside on the blockchain forever. But there will be a filter in the GUI with the next update, so it will only show assets you are interested in. Don’t worry about leaving it behind after you paid out everyone :)

Thank You pharesim,

I appreciate your answer.
I think it will be a fun experience. There was no easy way to do this, one year ago, is what I am thinking.
interesting times