Reply To: Your coin on the NHZ Asset Exchange


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7th September 2014 at 3:40 pm

‘pharesim link’ wrote:
I don’t want to hold you off, just mention this:
Don’t rush this decision. A BTC asset is a lot of responsibility. First of course towards the users whose money you’ll handle, but there may also be legal issues.

If you want to set up a gateway contact me personally (next week) and we can talk about the details. If you’re still sure you wanna do it after that we’ll set it up together.

No, thank you for the warning! I’ve done a large amount of legal research already, I was developing a ripple gateway for awhile. I decided to stop once the MtGox hack happened as I feared my coding would be to flawed, security and integrity are always my number one concerns. I’ll shoot you over a PM in a little bit so we can discuss further.