Reply To: nhzKARM – New Asset on NHZ Asset Exchange


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2nd October 2014 at 6:54 am

“To even the field between those that have NHZ coins and our Karma community, I would like to open this IPO to purchases using our coin, KARMA.

Every 1000 Karma you pay will give you 10 nhzKARM assets, up until the last of 23 000 000 assets allocated for this promotional IPO is bought. Later on every 1000 Karma will only get 1 nhzKARM asset. So the early birds will easily see the value of their investment multiplied. MINIMUM PURCHASE IS 1 MILLION KARM which will give you 10 000 nhzKARM assets, this is a better option than just donating our coins for FREE to be given away and no profits to be made.

Unlike purchasing with NHZ, that you can automatically do within the NHZ wallet itself, nhzKARM purchase with Karma will have to be handled manually.

For anyone who would be interested to purchase, they can send their payment in this address:KHMDKQzo4tvEYAdhntcvphLgLnoLS4M8dQ and send me a message with your TX ID and NHZ wallet address. TIP, the message can be sent using NHZ wallet, send to this account NHZ-793P-2V2F-4TJS-62775

The first dividend pay out is slated on OCT 15, 2014

Thank you for taking an interest in this project.”