Reply To: Arbitrary Messaging


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24th July 2014 at 8:36 pm

I have been considering this. And while I do see the need for providing incentive for people to forge, I see more benefit in making messaging free, or making it free with the option to pay a fee.

I would like to know, however, to what degree do fees for messaging contribute to payments made for forging? I have tried to find this information on the block explorer; doesn’t seem to be available there. Is there any stat that indicates how much is generated by messaging? If I were to assume, I would assume that it is not a large contribution. If that is so, and we offered messaging for free, then we really wouldn’t be loosing a lot in fees. If there is any way to find the numbers for this to verify how much messaging generates in fees, I would like to know.

But aside from this assumption of a marginal loss in fees generated, I think it would be a way to get more people interested in the platform. This would be beneficial in several ways. The first being the adoption of NHZ by new users. Secondly, if people are running there clients for the reason of the AM feature, they would be participating in forging by default; free messaging in itself would be the incentive to forge (maybe make messaging free to accounts that have a positive balance and are eligible to forge, and if the account has zero NHZ then the feature is blocked). Thirdly, there is the fact of the daily interest being paid into all accounts, that would help to offset the loss of revenue generated by getting rid of messaging fees.

Also, once there are some operational gateways, any fees for messaging would be offset (potentially) by trans fees.

It seems to me that the platform would benefit more from people being able to communicate freely with each other than it would benefit from the fees currently being gained for charging to communicate. It seems to me by all angles of consideration, that the AM would better serve the platform if it were free.

At the present time, it doesn’t seem as though the blockchain is being overburdened with transactions, so that is not a reason to not eliminate the fee (and in the future, if this did become an issue, it could be addressed then.)