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15th January 2015 at 3:22 am

I love the writeup, reproduced here for posterity. Green because facebook is buggy :)

So you are investing in Art with the assumption that the value of the art will always increase?

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January 11 at 1:51am · Edited ·
Welcome to SustainAbit_Horizon , an asset on the cryptocurrency platform. This asset is the brainchild of SustainAbit, a financial branch of FizzixThinkTank, which is devoted to furthering the boundaries of cutting edge science & technology mainstream institutions neglect, repress or impede from the global population.

After a year long study of the cryptosphere, this asset was started to test the feasibility, structuring & general interest in a community backed asset that is self sustainable & undumpable.

To do this, the first step was find real world use that would also bring a steady price increase as demand kicked in. To find an asset that wouldn’t hurt anyone but the dumper by dumping.

An asset backed by a desirable, limited & hand made artist. Nothing mass produced by factories or large corporate entities. Each piece of this fine art is “mined” out of the artist’s already busy schedule.

The artist in question will remain unnamed as due to his desire to not attract unwanted & nefarious entities to prohibit, stunt or even punish the art, message & medium involved.

Past pieces as shown (and ALL have homes now as well) in the Raising The Value of the Dollar, 1 Bit at Time album were each meticulously hand painted & sold to many private collectors & galleries at values BY AND FAR sometimes 1000’s% the value of the medium on its own. The earlier & more rudimentary pieces sold at $20-50 a piece to close friends of our financial artisan….just so said artist wouldn’t starve. As the work progressed, & more galleries took notice….demand & prices SKYROCKETED. A multiple panel set alone fetched $6000, and the larger uncut treasury sheet pieces have seen $20k as its changed through several owners.

In essence, what you are buying into is an asset that will NEVER lose value as long as there are patrons of this art….and if it does…it will come at a loss to the dumper involved.

Since we have, an asset that has almost infinitesimal demand, and extremely finite “mineable artisan hours.”

Pricing said asset was a curious matter. How does 1 come to a consensus for fair market value of such a commodity as to allow our artisan to want to devote his limited hours to conduct his “dayjob”, live his life, and essentially donate all spare time into mining this asset during its Proof of Paint phase?

The initial plan will be (through initial sales) of this Initial Painting Offering….the capital to reproduce as many of the already shown pieces onto lifesize reprints on quality paper and distribute so many per share to shareholders. A tier structure will be planned to allow for 1 print, several, several of your choosing, compete set….then the vip holder amounts: ….commission of a new piece & commision of a new piece of your own themed message.

We anticipate VERY high demand for the last options, and welcome people to dump away, as to allow our artisan to have a break from mining in his data center.

Initial Painting Offering will be 1 million at 1 HZ (early adopter pricing),
1 million at 2,
1 million at 3 HZ a share
as to stagger pricing to reward early adopters/prevent a bulk up by single buyers hoping just to dump.
5 million shares @ 10 HZ per as projected standard pricing

Remainder of share supply held back until a concise roadmap/schedule is worked on w the artist as to see how a continual & self sustaining in/out economy to fund non stop commission of designs once established by no later than Q22015
We will release a planned tiering system that allows larger share holders more prints, as well as the VIP #’s needed to commissioned pieces after consulting more in depth with our artisan & rate deduce how much hash he will need to finish the Proof of Painting phase.

Initial projections look as if can hopefully begin shipping PoP’s out by end of Q12015

Once the IPO of 8 million sells out, we will release final 7 million at a projected 100 HZ per share if HZ itself remains sub 100 by Q2, 30 HZ per if it breaks 100.
These are not arbitrary numbers but reflect actual sales & supply costs for artistic services rendered

Asset ID: 8394290335615661985