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20th September 2014 at 2:27 pm

Hello, I am a writer with (my recent work is here: ) and will soon have a series called “Dropping the Dollar” running on CoinTelegraph. I’m also Chief Business Develop Officer for an organization called Pacific Blockchain. That organization has been searching for the perfect platform to launch our ICO. We originally planned on using NXT but after the accusastions Jeff Garzik made in regards to their organization, we’re a little wary. So our search has continued and led me here to you.

While we are currently leaning towards CoinPrism I still have plenty of room to write about other platforms. Now I will writer about NHZ either way but I think you guys may have a very interesting story here, about how the community reacts to a good idea in the hands of the wrong people, about never being forced to use someones app, about the power of open source, etc, etc. In fact I’m confident I can do a whole regular series on you guys.

If that sounds like something worth a bounty, then I would be very grateful for the consideration. I also have an amazing sales/marketing director on my team who I’m sure can help you package and pitch your platform in a way that would allow you to reach a much wider audience. If that sounds like an asset you’d like access to I’m sure I can convince him to take a look at your offering for you.

Let me know if any of that sounds enticing.