Reply To: Social Media Team Recruitment.


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26th September 2014 at 3:54 pm

I like this project and am interested in possibly helping out. I’m labeled as a Legendery memeber of the BTT forum –;u=44583;sa=showPosts – I founded and lead the moderation efforts of this Facebook group – – and also its G+ counterpart – – I’ve been tweeting about cryptocoin since early 2011 – – While here’s the links to my Facebook and G+ profiles so that you can read samples of my public prose – – While I also founded the longest countinally run publicly traded cryptocoin security – – Which I’m considering moving over to the NHZ exchange from – – Although I’ll probably wait until Etherum is released to make a full decision on that. I only speak English of the British variety and could probably help out for a couple of hours a day most days of the week.