Reply To: Malicious attacks on the faucet


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24th December 2014 at 12:28 am

“Pizpie, post: 4053, member: 385” wrote: There are some malicious users trying to game the faucet right now, and we are investigating the issue. The faucet has been taken offline until we identify the breach and deploy a security patch.

As a noob, its great to see the Faucet back up and running.

That said, is the google captcha necessary to block the scammers?
I have a general aversion to google as a gate keeper, he owes me money personally, he owes 90% of Europe billions in tax and seems to think I should pay to have his rubbish cleared up. He owes the US similar amounts of tax. So I do not want to encourage such scum if I can avoid it. That’s my opinion, you do not have to agree.

So along with a number of google’s stalker domains are blocked around here, which makes the Faucet useless.

Edit: currently I log in from another network to use the Faucet