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12th June 2014 at 1:18 pm

“Исправили” правилное :

Copied from the bct announcement and updated, thanks to fsonex (NHZ: 17739991969236383404) for writing the original!

The following steps provide an overview of getting started with NHZ and setting up a hallmarked server node. To run a local client without hallmark you only need to follow steps 1, 3 and 4.
Linux users may want to check out the notes on the bottom of this post first.

Step 1 – Install Java 7
Step 2 – Add you public IP Address to conf file
Step 3 – Run NHZ
Step 4 – Create NHZ Account
Step 5 – Create your Node Hallmark
Step 6 – Update the NHZ conf file with hallmark
Step 7 – Open Port 7774
Step 8 – Run the hallmarked NHZ

С уважением из Болгарии
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Nodechek say’s :
You can check the state of your static node here
Batch check
Failed to connect to node – is NHZ running? Did you open port 7774?
If you experience any problems, join us on #nhz @ freenode!